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Why to give so much homework and how to do it properly

Doing homework properly and systematically is necessary for several reasons. The most important is the first one that is doing homework helps the brain to become stronger by exercising it. You as well might understand ideas and concepts which you failed to understand in class.
There is no fast and simple way to become an academically successful student. The only way to achieve it is through doing your homework. Doing homework is the best way to strengthen intelligence. Researchers have discovered that brain is a kind of a muscle which grows as it is used.
That’s why your teachers give you so much homework. They don’t want your brain atrophy from lack of exercise. You should also remember that holidays are very harmful to your brain. When you are on holidays you should do twice as much homework, because you don’t attend school, so your brain doesn’t get enough exercises.
D. James Cooper and Samantha Johnson, the famous psychologists, say that few things make the brain work harder than the struggle to fulfill the task for which there is no answer even on the Net. Such home tasks are the best as they force your brain to invent new concepts and ideas. New devices, theories can come to you as a flash while you are struggling to fulfill the most challenging home tasks. So homework can help you to become famous.
So, homework, homework and homework. It never can be too much. And be responsible for your studies. Remember that it is you who are interested in thorough knowledge not your teachers. They have already learnt the material they are teaching you. They worked hard at school and University. Hard work has been the only way to become a good teacher.
You see, the only way to understand things properly is to do the homework. In class your classmates and ringing mobile phones distract you from remembering and analyzing what your teachers are telling you.
Now I’d like to give you some advice. Before starting doing the homework phone your relatives and friends and tell them not to disturb you for four hours or so. They should understand how your homework is important to you. Then, switch off your mobile phone, the TV set and other gadgets which can produce any sounds, except your PC if it has the access to the internet. It goes without saying that you can’t do your homework without consulting the Net. There you may not only find the necessary material which can help you to cope with your home tasks, but also the information that can surprise your teacher and she might consider you very intelligent.
If your teachers have forgotten to give you the homework (though it happens very seldom), revise the material you learnt in class. One way to do it is to tell our friends and relatives about new thing you did and learnt at school. The more people you speak with the better. And in this way you get socialized and develop your communicating skills. As you see it’s another benefit of doing homework properly.
Homework in a foreign language is the most important one especially if you live in a place where only few people speak your foreign language. To master your FL you should read it listen to native speakers and what is more important you should find an opportunity to speak it every day.
That’s why when you have to go for a walk with your friends (they may be too persistent) speak to them only your foreign language (FL). Be sure that your friends know your FL. If they don’t, it might be a problem. That’s why try to choose friends according to their FL and how well they know it. It can be the reason why best friends are people who are former school mates or group mates: They speak the same FL.
So doing one’s homework is important at least for four reasons. First, it makes the brain to become stronger. Second, it can help you to be famous (at least among your group mates). Third, it develops your communicating skills and helps you to become socialized. Fourth, it helps you to make new friends.
  In conclusion I’d like to say that school, college/University years are the best years in your life. It is the only time when you have so much homework in so many different subjects. But you want to be intelligent, do you? So remember one English saying: No homework but only play make Jack a dull boy.

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  1. Елена, вижу, что работа кипит! Это замечательно! Текст мелкий, читать трудно.Для темного фона лучше выбрать светлый цвет текста, чтобы был контраст. Удачи!